Crashed Ferrari 458 Stuck on Tow Truck – Daily Driven Exotics

Daily Driven Exotics Crashed Ferrari 458 Get’s Stuck on a Flatbed Tow Truck During Monterey Car Week!

Well, there always has to be a casualty during Monterey Car Week and Daily Driven Exotics customized Ferrari 458, known for its big smoking burnouts and drifting was one of them.

Daily Driven Exotics Crashed 458Details are a little sparse at this point but the Ferrari 458 suffered a massive crash, pretty much taking off the entire front end of the car and leaving debris scattered all over the road.

What made things more difficult was figuring out a good way to load the crashed Ferrari on a flatbed tow truck when the car is stuck in gear and completely inoperable. See the full video below by DailyDrivenExotics. We’re glad there were no major injuries and everyone made it out of the whole ordeal in one piece.