Lamborghini Huracan hits a van and scaffolding in Manchester

Eyewitnesses said the high-powered orange Lamborghini Huracan struck a Renault van and some scaffolding surrounding a building.

A Lamborghini Huracan supercar has been left a crumpled wreck after a crash with a van and building scaffolding. The orange Huracan was involved in a heavy collision on Charles Street, Manchester, in the early hours of Saturday.

Eyewitnesses said the high-powered Lamborghini struck a van and some scaffolding surrounding a building at around 3.30am. Emergency crews were dispatched and police began directing traffic.

Smashed up Lamborghini Huracan after a crash on Charles Street in Manchester city centre at 3:30am
Lamborghini Huracan after a crash 

Photographer Reece O’Bierne, 19, from Salford, was working at a nearby nightclub and captured the aftermath on his camera. He said the Huracan “Was a complete mess. The bonnet was virtually gone, the engine was smashed to pieces and there was oil all over the road.”